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Can Stormdry reduce moss growth on walls?

Applying Stormdry masonry water repellent cream to porous substrates (e.g. bricks, stone, paving slabs, roof tiles, etc...) will reduce the moisture content of the substrate. This will result in biological growth (moss, algae etc...) being inhibited as the moss or algae will no longer be able to draw moisture that it requires to grow from the substrate on which it is growing.

Some types of moss and algae are able to draw moisture from the air and are therefore able to continue growing even when the substrate on which they are growing has been waterproofed with Stormdry. For this reason we recommend that a suitable biocide is applied to the substrate before application of Stormdry - Please call our technical department on 01403 210204 or fill in the enquiry form on this page for details.