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Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream


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Powerful water repellent masonry cream

Deeply penetrating, long lasting, natural finish

Stormdry is a deeply penetrating water-repellent cream for the protection of masonry. It prevents rain penetration into masonry materials by lining their pores rather than blocking them – allowing the masonry to continue to breathe naturally. Unlike waterproof paints or waterproof coatings, Stormdry retains the natural finish of the masonry so is particularly suited for application to brickwork or stonework.

Easy to apply

Single coat by brush, roller or spray

Stormdry masonry protection cream is applied to masonry in a single coat by means of brush, roller, or spray. Once applied, it penetrates deeply into the masonry before curing to form a colourless, breathable water repellent barrier.

Energy saving

Bills reduced by up to 29% from a single coat

By creating a deep water-repellent zone on the masonry surface, Stormdry ensures that the masonry remains dry throughout the year. This maximises its thermal resistance, as dry walls are better insulators than wet walls. Testwork conducted by the University of Portsmouth using Stormdry suggests that energy saving of up to 29% are possible when Stormdry is applied to buildings of solid wall construction.

Flood protection

Super charge your flood protection system

Stormdry can be used to increase the flood resistance of masonry as part of a flood resilience system. When used in conjunction with a cavity drain flood protection system (e.g. Oldroyd), the use of Stormdry will reduce the amount of flood water that is able to pass through the masonry reducing the risk of floodwater overwhelming the pumping system.

Cavity wall insulation protection

Prevent damp caused by insulation

Applying Stormdry to the outer leaf will increase the walls water resistance, preventing any further water from being absorbed into the insulation whilst also letting any existing moisture evaporate away.

Concrete protection

ISO tested on a range of substrates

Stormdry has been tested to EN ISO15148:2002 (E), demonstrating its effectiveness on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone. If you’d like to dicuss the surface your treating call our technical team on 01403 210204.