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Can Stormdry be used for waterproofing stone?

Stormdry masonry protection cream can be used to waterproof most types of stone used for construction with the exception of limestone.

Specific testing has been carried out to EN ISO15148:2002 (E) demonstrating a high degree of effectiveness on all stones tested (Blaxter Sandstone, Sheffield Sandstone, and York Stone) with the exception of limestone (Portland Stone).

Broadly speaking, Stormdry is effective when used on masonry substrates that contain a significant proportion of silicon dioxide (sand) - e.g. brick, mortar, sandstone, granite, etc… This is because the active ingredients in Stormdry form an extremely strong covalent bond with silicon dioxide.

For advice on the suitability of Stormdry for waterproofing a particular type of stone, please contact our technical department on 01403 210204 or fill in the enquiry form on this page.