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BBA Certification: Certificate Number 15/5198

Stormdry was granted BBA Certification in March 2015 with a stated durability of 25 years. A number of laboratory tests were carried out by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) as part of the certification process.

Test Aims

To provide independent verification of product performance and to allow Stormdry to be used in conjunction with insulation measures carried out under ECO and the Green Deal which require 25-year durability.

Summary of Tests Carried Out

Water Vapour Transmission

Tests were carried out in accordance with BS EN 12572 : 2001 Hydrothermal Performance of Building Materials and Products – Determination of water vapour transmission properties in order to test the “breathability” of samples treated with Stormdry compared with that of untreated samples.

Water Absorption

Tests were carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 15148 : 2002 Hygrothermal performance of materials and products - Determination of water absorption coefficient by partial immersion in order to test the effect of Stormdry in reducing water absorption compared with untreated samples.

Accelerated Ageing

The water absorption tests (see above) were carried out before and after aggressive accelerated ageing using UV and freeze-thaw.

  • UV aged - In accordance with BS EN ISO 4892-3 : 2000 Plastics – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources – Part 3 Fluorescent lamps. Exposed to UVB 313 lamps cycling 4 hours UV at 50°C followed by 4 hours condensation at 50°C. The samples were removed for testing after intervals of 2000 hours and 2500 hours.
  • Freeze thaw - Stored in a sealed cabinet controlled at -5°C for 8 hours and then at 23°C and 50% RH for 16 hours. Samples were exposed removed for testing after intervals of 30, 60 and 75 cycles.

Depth of Penetration

Sample of the various substrates prepared for the capillary absorption test were used to calculate the depth of penetration. The samples were broken in half and wetted with water to highlight the depth of penetration of the Stormdry. This was measured at five points across the width of the sample to the nearest half mm. The mean value and the maximum and minimum values were determined and recorded.

Determination of Drying Time

The brick samples prepared for the capillary absorption test were used on completion of the testing. The samples were immersed in water until saturated and then sealed in a vapour impermeable membrane with silicone sealant leaving only the Stormdry coated face exposed. The samples were kept in an atmosphere of 50% relative humidity and at a temperature of 23°C and were weighed at intervals until constant weight was acheived.