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Stormdry Surveying Kit Penetrating damp test kit

  • 4 x Stormdry Gauges
  • Sample tube of Stormdry
  • Mastic adhesive
  • Paintbrush
  • Water bottle with nozzle

Stormdry Testing & Surveying Tools

Stormdry Moisture Absorbtion Test Kit

The Stormdry Masonry Absorption Test Kit provides all the basic equipment required to test a masonry wall for absorbency and suitability for use with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream. The test kit includes:

  • Mastic adhesive or sealant for affixing Stormdry Gauges to masonry surface
  • 4 x Stormdry Gauges (also known as Karsten tubes or Rilem tubes)
  • Water bottle with nozzle
  • Paintbrush for applying Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream to test areas
  • Sample tube of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

The brush and sample Stormdry cream can be used to demonstrate the compatibility of Stormdry with the substrate to be treated, in a small test area. Refills and replacements of individual components of the kit are available.

Stormdry Damp Wall Test Gauge

The Stormdry Gauge can be used to measure water penetration into masonry. It can be particularly useful for simulating the effect of wind-driven rain.

Wind-driven rain can cause dampness problems in buildings. This occurs because the combined effect of rain and wind is to apply a pressure which forces rainwater to pass through porous or defective masonry.

The Stormdry Gauge is designed to measure the rain penetration potential of masonry. Calculation of the pressures applied shows that when the tube is filled to the zero mark, the pressure equates to that applied by wind-driven rain with a wind-speed of 98mph.

Testing the permeability of your wall

  • Peel back the release paper from the mastic adhesive, and roll between hands

  • Complete an "O" ring of adhesive, ensuring there are no air gaps

  • Press the Stormdry Gauge firmly onto the masonry to be tested

  • Fill the Gauge slowly with water until the water level reaches the zero mark

  • Start timing as soon as the gauge is filled.

  • A number of Stormdry Gauges can be applied to a section of wall

  • Continue to monitor the water level at regular intervals - preferably for at least one hour.

  • Watch our testing video.